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You might have heard or followed many different fat lost program,  where in usually in the program they ask you to decrease the carbohydrates  intake in order to lose fat. However, this is not recommended as carbohydrate is the macro nutrition that gives you the primary  source of energy in order to take care of your day to day activities

It also provide enough energy to perform your daily workouts.  And also it provides enough fuel  that can be used in your daily activities. If you do not know the right time of consuming carbs, you may end up storing more fat.

What is Carbohydrates cycling?

Carbohydrates cycling is a technique used to consume the carbs without storing it as a fat.  Basically, it  means to  increase the carbs intake for couple of days and decrease for some days.  This approach can be effective even with the weight loss program.

How to use carb cycling?

Best way to start your carb cycle is to eat high carbs for couple of days and low carbs for three days. The low carb cycle helps in weight loss and stabilizes the insulin fluctuations. The high carbs diet helps in restoring the glycogen and helps in muscle building.

Only consider having starchy carbs during your carb cycle such as sweet potato, oats, brown rice. Do not  consider consuming fiber’s vegetables during the carb cycle as they are low in calories and carbs.

How much carbs to consume during the carb cycle?

Consider consuming anywhere between 1 to 1.5 grams of carbs per pound of body weight. For instance, if  your weight is 150 pounds , you need to consume maximum of 200-225 grams of carbs per day on you high carb cycle. However, 200 grams would be the ideal one.

5 day plan to load your carbs

Let us consider taking 225 grams of carbs as the maximum amount  in a day.

First day  :  175 grams.

second Day  :  125 grams.

Third Day :  75 grams.

Fourth Day :  150 grams.

Fifth Day :  225 grams.

You need to drop 50 grams of carbs on your first 3 days and raise by 75 grams for the remaining 2 days.  Best practice is to increase the healthy fats during your low carb diet to balance the calories.


This article was written by Adarsh

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