Truths and Myths about six-pack

Truth 1: Abs won’t come over night
The very first truth is Abs won’t be visible over night unless you have very low body fat. You must have enough patience in order to get six packs as it takes time. You start noticing Abs as you get leaner specially when you cut down the excess body fat.

Myth 1:Crunches is the right way to get six-pack
Everyone believe that the only way to get six pack Abs is by doing hundreds of crunches.  This is not true as crunches won’t burn much calories compared to compound exercises such as bench press, squats and dead lifts. You can strengthen your core by doing crunches regularly but you won’t be able to get rid of that excess layer of fat.

Truth 2: You can’t  get six-pack similarly as you see in the magazines
Most of the people try to copy their idols to get six-pack abs similarly as them. This is difficult to achieve unless you have professionals training you or you are aware of all the diet and workout plans.
Celebrities have international professional trainers who guides them to achieve the result. And they spend like lakhs together monthly to have such a body. It would be difficult for a common man to spend such big amount unless you are rich.

Myth2: Cardio needs to be high to get results
Most of the people try to do high intensity cardio for long hours in order to shred their layer of fat. This is again not the right thing to do, if your aim is to build six pack.
You not only burn the fat but you lose your hard earned muscles by doing cardio for longer duration. Keep the cardio short and sweet just for about 20 minutes a day with HIIT(high intensity interval training).

This article was written by Adarsh

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