How to stop hair loss or hair thinning naturally?

Hair loss happens because of the in-disciplined lifestyle. Most of them think hereditary is the cause for their hair fall, this is true in rare cases. But the vital reason is not maintaining it properly. People do not want to lose their hair but at the same type they don’t even want to take care of it.
Men go bald in their early age due their in-disciplined day to day activities. Now-a-days even women are facing hair thinning and hair loss issue due to their bad life style.

Let’s understand the real causes and solutions for hair loss:

  1. Disciplined life style:
    This is the key parameter to be considered in order to avoid hair loss. You need to do all your daily routine in a discipline way meaning you should not change your timings of your daily routine. For instance taking bath, breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  2. Diet:
    Taking proper nutrition that is required for the hair. Hair need  protein, vitamin B, vitamin C, zinc, iron, anti-oxidants  and other amino acids. You will get all these in egg whites, dates, green leafy vegetables and fruits.
  3. Exercise:
    You need to work out daily in order to get enough blood supply to the hair follicles. Working out regularly strengthens the root of the hair. The best workout for the hair is head stand, but most of the women feel it difficult to perform. If you are not able to do head stand go for fast cardio work out.
  4. Stress:
    Many people do not take care of their stress level which is the major cause of hair loss. If you want to avoid stress, keep yourself busy in one or the other physical activity. Practice meditation and yoga in order to control your stress level. Always try to remain calm and peaceful to avoid stress.
  5. Bad habits:
    Smoking and consuming alcohol on regular basis will damage the hair follicles. Stay away from bad habits in order to be free from hair loss.
  6. Exposure to sunlight:
    Exposing your hair to sunlight for a longer period can damage the hair roots. If you would like to go out during the summer, make sure you cover your head with a scarf or cap.
  7. Combing:
    Combing is good but excessive combing and combing wet hairs is bad it loosens the hair shaft and make it brittle and leads to hair fall.
  8. Bad diet:
    Avoid packaged food items and oily foods. Eating non-vegetarian food has much impact on our hairs. Non- vegetarian food increases the body temperature and loosens the hair shaft which leads to hair fall.
  9. Washing hair:
    Hair should be washed twice or thrice a week. If you are washing your hair once or twice a month, you can experience hair fall.
  10. Drying and styling:
    You should not dry the hair using hair dryers by keeping it in hot temperature mode. You should not use hair straightener or iron to straighten your hair, this damages the hair severely.
  11. Massage:
    Give a warm oil massage to your scalp, this increases the blood flow in the hair follicles and allows the hair to grow faster. Massage your scalp with warm oil for around 10 minutes and wear a shower cap. Let the oil settle in and the wash it off with a mild shampoo which doesn’t have sulfate in it.
  12. Drink water:
    Drink at-least 3-4 liters of water every day. Stay hydrated always.  Water reduces the body temperature  and also is very essential for the growth of the hair.
  13. Hair color:
    Do not use colors more than two shades. Changing hair colors often leads to hair loss. Use branded colors, if you want to go for coloring. Do not use low quality products, it may damage your hairs permanently.
  14. Pollution:
    Pollution and dirt can clog the pores of the hair follicles and stops the hair growth. Always try to cover your head with cap or scarf where the area is more polluted.
  15. Bore Water:
    Bore water should not be used for washing or cleaning the hair. The powder or calcium in the water deposits on the scalp, which results in hair fall.

This article was written by Adarsh

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