This muscle gain nutrition plan can be used for building ripped muscles. It consists of 6 meals a day with a gap of 3 hours between each meal. This plan is specifically designed for the men between the age of 16-55 years.  It is for all the people who are exercising on regular basis, since from the past 3 months. This nutrition plan comprises of  high protein, less carbohydrates and fats. Protein is the building block of any muscles. As the saying goes, “muscles are not built in the gym instead they are built in kitchen”. Muscle gain happens with 20% workout and 80% diet, hence nutrition plays a key role in building the muscles. Proper nutrition is must in order to gain the muscles.

Note:Drink at-least 10 glasses of water every day in order to avoid dehydration.

Muscle gain plan for men

Meal Plan
Meal 1
- 5 egg whites with protein shake.
- 1 Orange and 1 Apple.

Meal 2
- Vegetable salads.
- Ragi grain soup.
- 2 egg whites.

Meal 3
- 3 egg whites.
- Oats with bananna.
- Brown Bread.
- Sweet potato

Meal 4
- Brown bread with peanut butter
- Protein shake

Meal 5
- 1 cup of Fat free yogurt
- Green salads
- 1 Orange

Meal 6
- 3 egg whites
- Brown bread with peanut butter
- 100 grams of nuts.