Improve Your Brain Health

We all have experienced that moment where we tend to forget the name of a person with whom we are having the conversation. That is the moment when we started worrying about our memory. Also there is myth we heard these days that, people tend to lose their memory as they get older. This is actually not true. Since our brain has the ability in creating new cells and building new neural connections everyday.

Basically the main reason for our memory loss is because of our unhealthy brain. We train all the physical parts of the body but forget to train the brain. It is also similar like any other muscles in the body. If we workout daily, it tends to grow else it will lose it’s strength. We work out all the body parts which are visible, but we forget to train the cognitive areas such as brain and heart which are basically the core reason for our overall health.

So let’s understand how we can improve  brain health :

  1. Exercise
    Exercises not only makes us physically fit but also mentally. When we workout our heart pumps more oxygen to the brain which is very much necessary for the brain to work efficiently. This enables the brain to be more active.
  1. Be weird with your brain
    Don’t be the same meaning do not train the brain same routine everyday. Brain performance increases when we give it a shock like as we used to shock the muscles in gym with different workout’s. We need to give some new tasks so that it comes out of the comfort zone.
  1. Meditation:
    Most of them find it hard to meditate than doing a simple task. Researchers found that who ever has learnt meditation has more focus, more energy, enhanced memory and stress free life. The reason is simple, daily our brain generates around 75000 thoughts which is why most of them are stressed all the time.
    In order to generate thoughts, it needs to work all the time. So as I said before, brain is similar like other muscles in our body. When we keep on working out without giving rest to the muscles, they won’t grow. Similarly, we need to give rest to our brain by switching it off. And we can only switch it off when we do meditation.
  1. Sleeping
    It is necessary to have around 8-9 hours of sleep everyday, in order to have a healthy brain. Sleep also works like meditation but we can’t say completely. Even in sleep brain is generating thoughts, but they are less compared to active state meaning while we are awake.
  1. Memory
    We should learn how to train our brain. In order to remember anything we need to remember everything in terms of image and make an association. If you want to remember anything for longer period, you need to use both sides of your brain meaning the left brain and the right side of the brain.
  1. Bad habits
    Most of the people do not know that bad habits such as alcohol consumption and smoking can make a severe damage to their brain. Smoking and drinking can kill all the brain cells which are responsible for the growth of the brain. and gradually  the brain loses it’s creative ability and sharpness and die eventually.
  1. Diet
    Diet also plays a crucial role for the growth of the brain. We need to consume Omega fatty acids, DHA and EHA which are responsible for decreasing the risk of dementia.
  2. Social activity
    We always need to mix up in social activities to give our brain the stimulus it needs. Brain tends to expand when we make it to move out of comfort zone. So I always recommend people to be socially involved.
  1. Games
    Did you remember your school days when you used to play all sorts of sports and had a stress free life.  We need to play any kind of sport which brings co-ordination and synchronization. I recommend to play more outdoor games such as cricket, football, tennis.
    Even video games or mobile games can enhance the brain performance but we need to choose the right games such as suduko, puzzles, chess which triggers the neuro path ways.
  1. Change your daily activities
    People who repeat the same routine daily tend to have anxiety and depression. Because their thoughts and actions are same everyday. In order to enhance the performance of your brain, vary your daily activities.
  1. Laugh Daily
    Laughing releases a chemical in the brain which in turn broadens the brain area and increases the creativity of the brain.We need to laugh daily to engage different areas of the brain. Always remember you don’t need friends or any person to laugh. You can laugh at your own mistakes or by remembering your embarrassing moments. Laughing is a good medicine in order to burst out the stress.

This article was written by Adarsh

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