How to get long and thick hair?

Everyone wishes to get long and thick hair but it’s not as simple as we think. You might have tried out everything and still not able to fix it. If that’s the case, you are into the right place. We will reveal all the secrets to get you the desired long and thick hair.
#1. Pollution:
Pollution does havoc to our hair growth. Dust and pollution makes our hair dull and damages the root by removing the natural oil that the hair sebum produces. So while going out always wear a scarf or a cap to prevent it from further damage.

#2. Hair Dyes and colours:
Hair colours damage the hair to a greater extent. If the colours have ammonia in it, slowly the hair starts greying out and loses it strength. Avoid using colours often, so that the hair gets the oxygen that it needs. Avoid chemical based hair colors, go for natural or herbal based colours such as Henna.

#3. Hair straightener and Hair Dryer
If you don’t want to damage your hair, avoid using hair straightener and hair dryer. They make your hair dry and removes the natural oil making it prone to thinness.

#4. Hardwater:
Most important thing to be considered is water. Please avoid using hard water or bore water. Always use drinking water or mineral water to wash your hair. Avoid taking head bath’s regularly. Take head bath alternative day so that it locks the natural oil produced by the sebum.

#5. Oiling:
Use warm oil to massage your head. Use any oil that suits your hair. Give your head a deep conditioning for about 15 minutes and leave it for half an hour before you take a shower.

#6. Protein:
Give your head the protein it needs. Take an egg and smash it and apply the paste to your hair and leave it for 30 minutes. Then wash it off with shampoo. Protein makes it luscious and strong.

#7. Exercise:
Regular exercising helps you to circulate blood throughout the body and makes the hair root stronger. Working out reduces stress and keeps the hormones in balance which helps to get stronger and thicker hair.
Last but not the least, immersing your hair in the tub or bucket and taking it out. Repeating it for around 10 minutes will make it longer and thicker.

This article was written by Adarsh

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