How to build bigger arms?

Getting bigger arms depends on many parameters. It doesn’t just depends on hitting the Gym and lifting  few heavy weights. If you want to grow your arms, the first basic thing is focus and control of the range of  motion. Most of the people start increasing the weights of the dumbbells or barbell as soon as they hit the gym in order to increase their arm size without focusing on their muscle.

In order to get bigger arms, the first thing you need to remember is  controlled motion and the second thing is lift the weights depending on your capacity. You should be able to perform at least 10-12   repetitions  for each set  if it’s less than this range then you are straining your muscles and not working out effectively.

Now let’s see the exercises we need to work out in order to get ripped muscles.

  1. Dumbel Curl: You need to carry dumbbells in each of your hand.  You can either sit on the chair or you can stand, choose the comfortable position you like. Then slowly start raising you left hand  till you squeeze your biceps properly. Not to forget ,you exhale while you lift and inhale while you are resting  you hand to it’s  original position. Repeat this with the right hand as well.
  2. Barbell curl: Here I suggest you to take a zigzag bar instead of straight barbell, since it triggers the right muscles to allow it to grow. Hold the barbell , start lifting the barbell slowly and exhale while you lift and start inhaling it , the moment you start lowering your arms back to its position.
  3. Overhead triceps Extension: This is very good exercise for triggering the triceps muscle. You need to hold the dumbbell on top of your head and slowly start lowering the dumbbell from back of your head . This gives you good stability.
  4. Preacher barbell Curl: This is one of the finest  exercise , since it gives the sharp curve. You need to do this exercise with a slow range of motion. This exercise has to be done in 4 sets with repetition of 15,12,10 & 10.
  5. Hammer Dumbell Curl: To perform this exercise hold the dumbbells in both the hands. Your palms facing your torso, then slowly start raising your hands. keeping the upper part of the elbow stagnant. While raising the forearms make sure you exhale and inhale as you start moving down the arms to its original position.
  6. Never forget to eat more, you need to consume protein at least as same as of your body weight. For instance, if you are weighing around 60 kg, you need to have around 60 grams of protein. Egg has highest protein if you are a vegetarian. One egg contains 6 grams of protein including yolk.
  7. Finally, not to forget to have plenty of water. The more you workout, you will lose the water content from your body in the form of sweat. Hence it is very much necessary to have at least 2 to 3 litres of water everyday.


This article was written by Adarsh

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