Confused about choosing fat loss or muscle building

Here are the few quick tips to follow to get clarified from your confusion

  • Before proceeding further, measure your body fat percentage.
  • Suppose if your body fat percentage is greater than 13%, go for fat loss.
  • If your body fat percentage is less than 13 %, aim for muscle building.
  • Reason being very simple, muscle wont be visible, if your body fat percentage is more than 13%. If the fat is 13% and above the thickness of your skin will be more.
  • As you know the more thicker your skin the more fat you have. so however hard you workout, your muscles won’t be visible.
  • And if your body fat is below 13%, it is good time to go for muscle building. You will get a good pump after your every workout and your muscles will be clearly visible.

This article was written by Adarsh

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