Remedies for Hirsutism or Excessive hair growth

Excessive hair growth or hirsutism is a condition in which a women has excess hair on her upper lips, chin, chest, arms, lower-back and buttocks. This condition is a hormonal disorder caused due to higher than the normal levels of male hormones in females. These male hormones are called androgens. Although women do produce androgens, their level in a normal condition is very low. These hormonal imbalance may occur due to certain medical condition or may be due to hereditary. Polycystic ovarian syndrome(PCOS) is considered to be a common cause for this condition.

Presence of such unwanted hair can be embarrassing for a women. It is important to find out the exact cause before trying to get rid of the excessive hair growth. A lot of women opt for shaving or waxing to tackle this condition. Shaving such hair can make them thicker while waxing or plucking is a painful process.

We will suggest you some natural easy home remedies to get rid of this hair by using ingredients right in your kitchen. Let’s have a look:

 Excessive hair growth Recipes:

Recipe 1:

We will show you how to make quick pack using turmeric and gram flour. This is an effective hair removal technique used by women’s since ages.

  • Take a bowl, add 3 tbsps of gram flour also known as besan, add 3 tbsps of turmeric powder in it also known as Haldi.
  • Add little water, mix this well to get a pack like consistency.
  • Apply this pack on the affected area with the help of a soft brush.
  • Keep it till it gets dry, once dry dip a cotton ball in luke warm water and wipe the pack out.
  • You will find that along with the pack  the strands of hair are also removed.
  • Wash the area with soap and luke warm water, you can use this remedy once a week.

Recipe 2:

 We will make an egg mask, this is similar to waxing but not that painful.

  • Take the white of 1 egg in a bowl and 1 tsp of sugar, add half tsp of corn flour.
  • Beat this to make a smooth paste
  • Apply this on the affected portion with the help of a brush.
  • Let it dry, once it dries , it will look like a thin mask covering the portion.
  • Now pull it off firmly to remove the hair.
  • Wash the area with luke warm water and an organic soap.
  • You can apply this mask once a week or when required.


  • Remember if these remedies do not help you, do consult a health care professional to find out the exact cause of excessive hair growth.
  • As said earlier, you may have other underlined medical problem that is causing the excessive hair growth.
  • Make sure to include organic fermented soy products in your daily diet as it helps keep the androgen levels in control.

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