How to cure or reverse diabetes?

Diabetes is basically caused due to the increase of sugar level in the blood. It can be cured or reversed naturally. There are basically 2 types of Diabetes, they are type 1 and type 2. People below the age of 20 are suffering from Type 1. Though very less percentage of population are suffering from Type 1, still it has to be considered seriously. It  is  caused due to auto immune attack on beta cells of the pancreas which are basically responsible for the production of insulin. Reasons could be due to virus, bacterial infections, toxins in the environment. This is caused due to the insulin resistance or pancreases not able to produce insulin. You can reverse diabetes by knowing the causes of it.

Now coming to Type 2 diabetes, majority of the world’s population are suffering from type 2. People who are suffering from Type 2 are older than the age 40 or who are overweight. Type 2 can be cured completely within a week if you follow the diet and exercises. You can reverse diabetes once you know the causes of it.

Reasons for getting Type 2 diabetes:
1.  Eating Refined foods:  
Eating refined products such as sugar, salt, refined oil, rice.
2. Drinking Milk : Drinking cow’s milk regularly or eating dairy products.
3. No Exercise : Being idle meaning without doing any physical activity or no exercises at all.
4. More cholesterol: Consuming more cholesterol through different animal products such as chicken, egg yolk .
5. Packaged food:  Regular intake of packaged foods such as Maggi, noodles, chips etc.
6. Oily food: Eating more deeply fried food items.
7. Medication:  Taking medication on regular basis to control sugar level not only worsens the disease but also leads to other health hazards. Taking medicine to control the sugar level is like going against your body mechanism.

1. Thirsty:
You feel thirsty frequently.
2. Urination: Frequent urination.
3. Numbness:  
Sensing numbness in different parts of the body.
4. Blindness: Sometimes you get a blurry vision, if not controlled properly; you may even lose your vision.
5. Freeze: In some cases even people sense fingers of hands and legs getting stiffened.

Body Mechanism:
Let’s understand how the body mechanism works before we find solutions. The food we intake ultimately gets converted in to glucose. Glucose is very much essential to energize all the different cells of the body. So now the question is, how can we send glucose to all the cells that are being present in different organs of the body?
The food which gets converted to glucose enters in to the blood stream. Blood is a transporter which carries glucose to all the cells of different organs in our body. So when there is transportation, there must be roads or paths to go through the different areas of the body, these ways are called blood vessels such as Arteries, veins etc.

Insulin is a hormone which stores the glucose and delivers it to the cells. Insulin is produced by beta cells of the pancreas. Now let’s understand what happens, when there is an increase in the glucose level?  Every liter of blood should contain 1 gram of glucose. If it exceeds 1 gram, we call it as high blood sugar. And if it is below 1 gram, we say it as low sugar.

Glucose Levels Variation
Now the question is, how the sugar levels are varying?. Eating sweets made up of refined sugar, increases the chances of getting high sugar as refined sugar directly enters the blood stream.  And one more reason why diabetes occurs after the age 40 normally is because of eating more and doing less physical activity.

Have you ever observed why children won’t get type 2 diabetes?. The reason is simple; they do not sit idle as like elder ones, they keep doing some or the other activities. More the activities, body burns more calories and the sugar level is balanced.

1. Do at least 45 minutes of workout regularly even if you are too old. Actually aged people need more exercises than the younger ones.
2. Eat fruits before 12 pm in the morning, especially citrus fruits like orange, sweet lime. They act as an   antioxidants and removes the toxins from the body.
3. In the lunch you need to have combination of raw vegetables and regular meals apart from refined rice. First you should eat 500 grams of raw vegetables after which you need to eat your regular meals if you are still hungry.
4. In the evening have dry fruits such as almonds, cashew nuts, dry grapes.
5. Drink coconut water instead of cold drinks. Avoid drinking sodas.
6. Do not drink cow’s milk if you want to reverse diabetes.
7. Avoid taking medication to control the diabetes.


This article was written by Adarsh

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