How to cure fever naturally in 3 days?

Fever can be defined as an increase in the body temperature which is more than 98.6 F normally. However, we can consider it seriously when it goes above 100.4 F.  Fever is just a mechanism of the body to fight against the foreign invaders which have entered the body in terms of virus or bacteria. In order to fight against the virus, body has to weaken the virus. This can be done by increasing the body temperature. When the body temperature is increased, immunity of the body gets boosted, which in turn helps to fight against the virus.

Now-a-days there are so many scams running around such as Dengue, H1N1 etc. These are all the names hyped by the doctors to scare people and make money. It has become their business. Usually what people do when they get fever? They consult the doctor and they give them medication. Actually, you are still making it worse by taking the drugs prescribed by the doctor.

Reasons for fever
– Frequently drenching in the rain.
– Eating unhygienic food.
– Drinking unpurified water.
– Toxins in the environment.
– Living in an unhygienic place.
– Usually caused by mosquitoes or other bacteria’s

Whenever there is a fever, body just tries to throw out the virus through cough, sinus or vomit, making you discomfort  by the presence of symptoms such as body pain, sore throat, chills, head ache. But when you start taking medication, body temperature drops down immediately and the virus gets stronger and it will be inactive for some time and hides in the cells of the body. After some days again it gets active and makes you more ill. The same cycle keeps on repeating.  But as the time passes the virus gets stronger and stronger and your immunity starts decreasing day by day.

Have you observed, people who are on regular medication, keeps on getting fever or other symptoms such as cough, headache and cold frequently.  Because, they themselves are making it worse by taking tablets on regular basis without their knowledge. Without taking tablets, you can cure it completely & naturally within 3 days.  Now, I know you have got a question. If suppose the temperature keeps on increasing what you need to do, right? Don’t worry dip a sponge or piece of cloth in ice water and place it on the forehead and on the calves every hour, since majority of the blood vessels are in the calves. Follow the below diet plan and you will be free from fever within next 72 hours.
Diet Plan
1. For the day 1, you need to be completely on liquid diet. I will give you a simple formula
(Weight/10= Glasses of sweet lime Juice)+( Weight/10= Glasses of coconut water).
For instance, if your weight is 60kg, divide it by 10. In this case, you need to drink 6 glasses of sweet           lime    and 6 glasses of coconut water by dividing it for 12 hours.
You need to alter coconut water and sweet lime juice every hour for the next 12 hours.
2. For the second day, you need to consume fluid.
(Weight/20= Glasses of sweet lime Juice) + (Weight/20 =Glasses of coconut water)+ Weight*5(Grams of     Tomato and cucumber).
So for instance you need to eat 300 grams of tomato and cucumber by dividing it for the whole day in       case your weight is 60 kgs.
3. Day 3 diet formula
For Breakfast : (weight/30=Glasses of sweet lime juice)+(weight/30= Glasses of coconut water)
Lunch: Weight* 5(grams of tomato + cucumber)
And Dinner : Regular cooked food.
Eating regular cooked food for the dinner on day 3 sends the signal to the brain that, now the body has       come to the stable state.

This article was written by Adarsh

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