Prevention and Treatment of Corona Virus(Covid-19)

Corona is just a normal virus like any other flu virus. Now, they have given it a name as ‘covid-19’ because they are able to detect the virus with their new diagnosing tool.  Actually, there are no medicines to kill any kind of virus as because virus keep changes its form. So even for corona they won’t be able to find the medicine. But, our body has the mechanism to kill any kind of virus by increasing it’s temperature, so the same goes for Corona virus as well. People are simply panicking or getting scared without understanding or having enough knowledge about Corona virus. All you need to do is increase your Immunity. Now, let’s see how we can prevent and treat it.

Prevention Steps:

1. Be positive and  don’ think about Corona in a negative way.

2. You don’t have to wash your hands often. Wash it while eating or whenever you want to touch  your nose, mouth or face.

3.  Increase your immunity by working out daily.

4. Avoid eating road side food.

5. Maintain good hygiene by cleaning all the stuffs regularly.

6. Try to Cook by yourself at home if you are alone.

7. No need to wear mask, just don’t sit near or be with the person who got cold , fever or cough.

8. Avoid eating non-veg.

Treatment Steps

1. Cut down carbohydrates completely or reduce it as much as possible, since  it gives energy to the virus to be more active.

2. Drink more liquid items  such as lemon, orange, coconut water without sugar.

3.Take more protein which helps in building muscle mass and reduces fat.

4. Fat reduction is important because when you stop taking carbs, the only source of energy for Corona virus is fat. It starts tapping fat from your body to stay alive and active.

5. Avoid junk, non-veg and outside food.

6. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated.

7. Try to go outside often and take sun bath.

8. Try to stay away from AC.

9. If you have less fever and able to workout. Try do to so for at-least 15 mins a day.

This article was written by Adarsh

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