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How to lose weight naturally ?

Most of the people struggle to lose their body weight. They keep trying different methods without having enough knowledge whether those methods suits them. To find solutions to any problem first we need to understand the mechanism and the reasons of the problem. Once you know the causes, it will be easy for you to take the action.
First let’s understand how we gain weight? We gain weight when we start eating more than what the body burns. In order to reduce the weight, we need to increase our Metabolism so that we digest the food at faster rate and avoid fat storage in the insulin.
Metabolism is a term used to indicate the rate at which body burns the calories. Slower the burn rate, more the fat storage. Normally our metabolism rate will be slow while we sleep or while we are not engaged in any physical activity, that’s the time we gain much weight.
Now the question is how to increase our Metabolism while we sleep? You can increase the Metabolism rate while you sleep by going for heavy weight training before 1 hour of your sleep, so that the muscles tissue breaks down.
When the muscles tissues are broken, the body tries to repair them by burning more calories. This is how we can increase the metabolism rate. And also we should make sure that we don’t take carbohydrates before we sleep. It gets digested at faster rate and enters the blood stream and this increases the glucose level.
We need to understand, less fat and more muscles means better the metabolism rate. If the body fat is more, it slows down the digestive system.
There are few effective strategies to transform your body and lose weight in a matter of month:
1. Sleeping :
Sleeping for 8-9 hours a day is very beneficial. Since you are fasting for 8-9 hours, the body gets enough time to burn sufficient calories. But make sure your dinner should not be too heavy to avoid weight gain.
2. Packaged foods:
Do not eat pre-packaged foods, since they have more calories in them which leads to weight gain. And also make sure not to drink any carbonated drinks such as soda and other artificial sweetened drinks.
3. Drink water:
Drink at-least 3-4 litres of water every day in order to remove the bad toxins. Water also helps the body to stay hydrated and it will be easier for the heart to pump more blood to the muscles through blood vessels.
4. Meal plan:
Trick your mind by eating less calories for every 2-3 hours. So that the body won’t get craved.
5. Sugar and Salt:
Try to decrease the intake of sugar and salt. Since refined sugar directly enters the blood stream and increases the glucose level.
6. Diet:
Breakfast :
You need to have 3-4 boiled egg whites ,an Apple and one cup of green tea. Since egg white has zero cholesterol and fat content. Apples are high in fibre and are fat blocker. Green tea has anti-oxidant properties and other substances which removes the bad toxins from the body.
Have 3 boiled egg whites and 200 grams of cucumber and carrot or any other sprouts. Eat one Apple and a cup of green tea.
You can eat dry fruits such as almonds and cashew nuts and a cup of green tea.
In the night, have a cup of oats and green tea before one hour of your sleep time. Oats makes you feel satisfied, reduces your cholesterol and you won’t crave for more.
7. Exercise:
Do not skip exercises in the morning or evening. Exercise burns the calories soon and helps in reducing the fat. If you are an aged person, go for 30 minutes of walking.
8. Skip:
Finally do not skip your meals, if you are hungry in between the day, you can have carrots or cucumbers as snacks.

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