Benefits of Cardiovascular or Cardio Exercise!

Cardio exercises are the exercises which increases the heart rate. It is important because the capillaries transmits more oxygen to the cells  in your muscles, this in turn allows the cells to burn more fat during the workout or even in the inactive state. Any exercises that increases the heart rate intensly are the cardio exercises such as jogging, fast walking, fast cycling, Aerobics, Zumba etc.

Heart is similar like any other muscles in our body. In order to make it strong, you need to do cardio workout. Cardio not only improves heart health. It also burns the unwanted calories.

Improved Metabolism Rate
If you want to improve your metabolism rate, you need to go for fast rate cardio. These both go hand-in -hand, meaning if the metabolism rate is increased, you can easily transform yourself, either in terms of losing weight or gaining weight.

Anxiety and depression
Cardio exercises such as jogging or aerobic can energize the cells in the body. People who are suffering from anxiety and depression can get greater benefits from cardio exercises. Since it supplies enough oxygen to all the cells in the muscles.

Blood pressure
It also decreases the blood pressure. People on medication such as high blood pressure individuals can reduce the intake of tablets by following a regular cardio workout.

Individuals with high blood sugar can have greater benefits from the these exercises. Since, it improves the cell’s ability in the muscle to retrieve the glucose from the blood. People who are working out regularly tend to decrease their blood sugar fluctuations.

Better sleep
Those who have problem in falling asleep at night, can get better and deep sleep, if they do cardio workout in the day, as it cools down the body by the time they sleep. The more tired are the muscles, better the sleep you get. So this might be the solutions you are looking for all these days.

Increased recovery ability
If you have trained hard at the gym with those heavy weights and feeling low with energy and muscle soreness. Taking a light brisk walk on the treadmill or riding a bicycle can repair the muscle tissue by delivering more oxygen rich  blood to the muscles.

Bone density
Those who do regular cardio workout can increase their bone density over a period of time. This helps in reducing the risk of bone fractures.

 Belly fat
Belly fat can’t be reduced just by doing abs workout. It should be trained along with cardio exercise such as aerobics. If you want to know your body fat, just have a look on your belly fat. If you have belly fat, then obviously the body fat will be more. You can check your belly fat by measuring the circumference of your waist. In men, if the waist size is above 40, and in women, if it is more than 35, it is considered as the abdominal obesity.

Improves brain
Regular workout such as aerobics can enlarge the hippocampus, which is basically an area in the brain referring to memory and reasoning.

 Aerobics also stabilizes the hormonal imbalances that has occurred due to stress and depression. Running or aerobics can literally  energizes the body and makes the individual feel good about himself.

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